InfoGPS CEO Guest: Unsuitable on Rea Radio Podcast

Our CEO, Paul Hugenberg, joined the Unsuitable on Rea Radio podcast for a discussion on the current state of Cybersecurity.  The award winning Unsuitable podcast covered topics such as: data-driven risk assessments, asset tracking, impact on financials, business drivers, and the need to rethink our approach to security. You can watch the entire 30 minute […]

Time for a new Data-First Risk Assessment

Those of us in the information security, cyber security, or data security industries are very comfortable with the exercise of completing a risk assessment. Regulation requires it for most disciplines, and those taking the progressive step of understanding their organization risk utilize frameworks that address the need for a risk assessment. It is very early in the […]

Four things to consider when choosing a Data Discovery solution

Does it miss most of your information, by ignoring Endpoints? We have all heard the growth statistic referring to the daily creation of more data than ever existed before; each and every day. Additionally, corporate survey and big-data research also conclude that almost 80% of this new data is unstructured and resides across the organization, not […]

ICIT Fellow Insights: A CEO's Guide to Understanding Risk vs. Impact

Many CEOs make the mistake of developing risk management strategies without prioritizing their data and assessing the impact of potential incidents. During this edition of Fellow Insights, ICIT Fellow Paul Hugenberg and Sr. Fellow Parham Efekhari discuss the difference between risk and impact as well as identify best practices for today’s CEO.   Listen Here

Know Thy Risk

I have had the privilege of working in IT Risk for over 20 years.  I have, on many occasions, wondered how we felt comfortable communicating to our clients their true risk of data loss when we never took an accurate inventory of what data was held and where it was stored.  As a good friend of […]

Data at Rest: Missing the Mark

In plain English, while we have long been required to ensure the confidentiality of Non-Public Information, two thirds of us are unaware of our own data. We are also not aware of its loss in a timely manner. And most often we need an outside party to communicate to us that we have lost information […]