SC Magazine: First Look – InfoGPS

“The effectiveness of securing data at rest (77%) for the first time surpassed network security, while endpoint security (64%) was dead last”.  – Thales 2018 Data Treat Report. The latest Thales report communicates a shift, a much needed shift, in the awareness of why information security should look to change focus from non-data story-telling to […]

Business, Consumer: Address the Equifax breach, now!

Many steps are yet to be undertaken, and then publicized, to allow the information security community to understand what happened at Equifax that led to their July 29th data breach.  Unfortunately, this community isn’t the priority.  The consumers and clients of Equifax must act quickly and cannot wait for the drip of information to be […]

Veterinary Clinics (2 of 3): Learn 3 Cybersecurity tips in 10 minutes

Author: Terrie Bonfiglio I transitioned to the cybersecurity industry from veterinary pharmaceutical sales. What I remember most about veterinarians, techs and fellow salespeople is the incredible level of trust I felt when I entered their practices or sat across the table with a competitive sales rep. In today’s world of increasing cyber and malware attacks, […]

Four Word to Unlock the IT Seat at the Table

I hear it a lot. In blogs, threads on forum boards, countless articles, and annual conferences: “IT needs to be at the table. Why aren’t we at the table? The Board must hear from IT to truly understand risk and to enable the organizational strategies.” I agree, wholeheartedly. The disconnect is not in the articulation […]

Forest for the Trees: Impact vs. Likelihood

InfoGPS is a unique company. It is unique in the fact that our existence is borne of problems the founders have had during their careers in IT Risk. It is not the result of a highly skilled individuals who are coding a solution to a specific subsection of a regulation. We own this distinction and […]

The Real Truth: There are no IT Issues

As an IT Executive, I have always had a poster hung in my office no matter which organization I was privileged to be working with, that simply read: “There are no IT issues, only business issues. Solve the business issue.” In fact, I’ve frustrated more than a few trainees and auditors asking them to walk […]

"ICIT is Good for America", Mark Dowd

We take our nation’s Critical Infrastructure for granted every single day. That’s as it should be. We should be too busy living our lives – doing good work, loving our loved ones, watching ESPN, etc. – to be impressed every time the lights come on when we flick a switch, or when the subway drops […]

iData Governance

In January of 2007, Steve Jobs walked on stage and announced that Apple was unveiling three groundbreaking products designed to radically change their individual industries.  The first was a widescreen iPod with touch controls.  The second was a revolutionary mobile phone.  The last, a breakthrough internet communications device.  The crowd wildly applauded as he announced […]

"The Pendulum of Cyber Security", By Mark Dowd

Network Security vs. Data Security On October 6, 2015 the European Court of Justice ruled to invalidate a long standing agreement regarding the transfer of Europeans’ online information. This Safe Harbor agreement had been in place since 2000, and was critical to an awe-inspiring growth of the trans-Atlantic digital economy. There were many reasons this […]