Defend Data

Is your data attack surface growing or shrinking?

Can you spot suspicious changes to your sensitive data in real time?

All data exfiltrations take place from the inside of the network. From that perspective, even the external bad actor, whether a cyber criminal, a cyber terrorist, or a nation state, is an insider threat during their data mining work leading up to their exflitration of your data. Additionally, most data exfilatrations don't take place from the encrypted secure area network, or SAN. Instead, they take place within unencrypted sensitive data scattered across the enterprise; from servers to end points.

So that's what we focus on.

First things first, we define the threat by defining the data attach surface made up of all unencrypted sensitive data that exists across the enterprise. By doing so with NIST classifications, risk scores and financial impact costs upon breach, we make obvious the road to remediation and improvement. Because reducing your data attack surface is about preventing data exfiltration.

But defining the risk is only part of prevention. Monitoring the risk in real time is equally critical.

InfoGPS 3D monitors sensitive data in real time. So we can see the creation of unencrypted sensitive data in real time; and we can see changes in unencrypted sensitive data in real time. This is a paradigm shift - a new and foundational added value - for information security officers and security operations centers (SOC) operators, to use in concert with their existing network security tools to prevent an exfiltration event. For the first time in cybersecurity, operators can now inform their response to network security threats with real time data monitoring for a truly holistic view. Because cybersecurity = network security + data security.

Information Security Officers and Security Operations Center (SOC) Operators can finally have real time data monitoring to better leverage their existing network security investments.

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