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Detect Risk

Does your organization know how much sensitive or regulated data it has in unencrypted files?

Can your CEO & Board of Directors translate those unencrypted data liabilities into hard costs before a data breach?

We've automated the process of locating all unencrypted data so we can map it across the entire enterprise.

  • By File
  • By User
  • By Device
  • By Location
  • By Department or Business Unit - including 3rd Party Providers

We can also roll-up those various views into one aggregate view for a complete picture of the corporate risk profile caused by sensitive or regulated data that exists in an unencrypted state.

We assign a dollar value to all data - a Cyber Value - using industry specific metrics. For instance, recent research put the average cost per record upon breach at $259 for the financial industry, and$398 for the healthcare industry. We can also customize the Cyber Value to meet client-specific interpretations of risk and cost per record metrics.

Finally, CEO's and boards of directors will know where all their vulnerable data resides, how much it will cost upon breach, and what the numbers are to support a cost/benefit discussion about remediating some or all of that liability.

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