Document Compliance

Does any of your organization's regulated data exist in unencrypted files?

Do you have to prepare for a risk assessment?

We've automated the process of classifying and risk ranking all unencrypted data - at the record level - using the standards developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). These are the same standards used by HIPAA to regulate the healthcare industry, by the FFIEC to regulate the financial industry, by DFARS to regulate DoD defense contractors, and by FERPA to regulate education.

  • In short, we can put an entire hospital, bank, government contractor or university into a NIST-driven filing cabinet over a weekend - in a way that includes organization-specific risk metrics.
  • This helps to reduce the cycle time and costs of audits, and makes every day a Risk Assessment.
  • This also helps to remove corporate silos: to bridge compliance with security and risk management.

With InfoGPS 3D in place today, Compliance Officers can know exactly how much regulated data they possess and exactly who has access to it.

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