SC Magazine: First Look – InfoGPS

“The effectiveness of securing data at rest (77%) for the first time surpassed network security, while endpoint security (64%) was dead last”.  – Thales 2018 Data Treat Report.

The latest Thales report communicates a shift, a much needed shift, in the awareness of why information security should look to change focus from non-data story-telling to deliberate crafting of information asset awareness. “What are we trying to protect? It cannot be accomplished without knowing what it is and where it is stored,” says InfoGPS CEO Paul Hugenberg. “Our industry is littered with conclusions regarding the status of information security by organizations who didn’t perform basis steps to inventory actual sensitive information.”

Recognizing the shift, SC Magazine, a leading resource for the cyber security industry, has written a First Look article about InfoGPS.

“The result is that organizations often apply security to areas where they “hope” critical data resides, considering the risk and exposure of a data breach hope is not an effective strategy.” Read more here.

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